Welcome Visionary Life Artist

And, yes, you ARE an exquisite artist.

You may not think so. A few years ago, I didn’t. Your amazing artistry is in there, and we’re going to bring it out. It’s that simple.

The Studio of your Soul is now open. It is overflowing with all sorts of amazing goodies: tools and gifts with which to play, create, transform, and express your heart’s magnificence. All of that juiciness is bursting to come out, to bring form and voice to your sacred, powerful visions and dreams; from falling in love with your first painting to stepping into creative visionary leadership in your life.

Havi MandellI am so glad your heart called you here. We are meant to journey together if:
  • You have a deep appreciation for the Sacred as it lives within you
  • You long to listen to and live from your heart
  • Your Muse is tugging at you to start painting, writing, and living artfully
  • You celebrate the Beauty and Aliveness of Nature
  • You are inspired by visionary art
  • You are ready to live your Soul’s dream for you passionately and out loud.
Come to my Playshops and say YES:
  • YES to painting beautiful art beyond your wildest imaginings easily and heartfully.
  • YES to deep shamanic writing, journeying and healing filled with words and images and wisdom from your soul.
  • YES to heARTful play freeing your wild, creative, empowered, embodied self
Or hug your Magical Inner Juiciness and say YES to a Retreat:

YES to the delicious (re)treat of giving yourself sacred space and time to nourish your dreams, your visions, your body, your creativity and your connection to inner wisdom and the beauty of nature.

And, in doing so, you get an added benefit. These Playshops and Retreats provide the opportunity to connect you to a fun, safe, passionate community of like-hearted souls with whom you can share on the deepest and most joyful levels.

I am an artist, creativity catalyzer, and healing muse for the soul.

Havi brings an amazingly gentle and insightful touch to her teaching, painting, and healing work. When I first met Havi, I sensed this brilliant healing light radiating from her. Her presence comforted and held me. The way in which she dives into her paintings as explorations of her own healing inspires and motivates me to do the same. She is entirely present when she works with me, listening to every word with an open heart empowering me to move forward and through the challenges facing me.
~ Annette Wagner, artist, teacher and creativity coach
My passion is to inspire the depths and heights of your wild creative soul, clearing away self-limiting beliefs and energetic blocks so your full heartful self can joyfully step up and out, expressing inner juiciness and creativity without apology. Fear and limitation are replaced with beauty and possibility. You are a life artist and, through our work, you express and live that fully.

Lady of Rebirth & Renewal

A few months back, I happened to spot a picture on Facebook of Havi’s creation, “Our Lady of Rebirth & Renewal.” I instantly fell in love and contacted Havi to request one for my office. As a Healing Arts Practitioner, I was drawn to the beauty of her face and all the detail that went into this piece. It spoke volumes. It also radiates out into my healing room and every client that visits comments on her incredibly powerful Mother energy. Not a day goes by when I don’t stop and gaze at my painting. I’m grateful and to Havi for unleashing the artist within and for sharing her works so that others may gain the benefit of incredible talents.  ~ May peace be with you,  Rev. Amy Barilla, RMT, The Reiki Gal, LLC

I invite you to visit my Gallery and enter my Soul Studio. Let the images speak to you and offer their gifts, unique to each person who views them. If one especially calls to you and you would like to invite it into your world, my paintings are available as original art, giclees, prints or cards. I paint from the magical, wounded, emerging and sparkly places in my heart, connecting with inspiration from Source so that what emerges in full living, flower child color, is a tapestry woven from the stories of my soul and universal stories and images of the Sacred Feminine.

Come on in and start claiming and Living your Visionary Life Artist now.

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