About Havi

We paint our lives with each breath, each thought, each flow of feeling and each sensation. We can choose to which story we will give energy and which we will release. We are the storytellers, the magicians and the artists of our lives. Why not, then, create the greatest magic possible? Why not create our lives as masterpieces of joy, beauty and love?

You have an amazing and unique talent to create art, writing and a life that is beautiful, powerful and meaningful.

Maybe you believe or have been taught you can’t paint, can’t write, can’t create a life worth celebrating.

I believed I didn’t have any artistic talent a few short years ago and certainly didn’t always feel so celebratory.

Maybe you can relate.

That’s why I am here.

digital art by Miriam Brysk

I am a Shaman Muse for the Soul and HeARTist.

My work, my passion, is to clear away the “I’m not creative, I don’t matter” self-imposed limitations to living fully and freely. I teach processes to make painting, writing, and  personal and spiritual connection easy, intuitive and inspiring. We will bring both sides of your brain and all sides of your creativity alive, embrace your power and unique gifts, and guide you to step into your own shaman muse and HeARTist self.

I grew up as a child of  Holocaust survivors and battled depression for years. I believe within our wounds are the seeds for healing and transformation. Our wounds often direct us to our soul’s purpose. For me, the heart-wrenching awareness of destructive hate and ugliness brought out my soul’s longing for beauty and loving community. My depression made me realize how essential and wonderful it is to feel joy. These experiences and the strong desire to provide my children with a true and joyful “home”,  free of the legacy of pain from my past, propelled me to find new and powerful ways to heal and live in joy.

I would love to share these ways to live in joy with you.

My path from the darkness to Light has been through creative process. Creativity now informs how I perceive and celebrate life; seeing all that is around me with fresh eyes and deep appreciation of the artistry of each moment. I have come home to the artistry of my heart and live with intentional creativity, imbuing all I do with sacred intention. My life is art and my creativity is a sacred practice in creating a life worth living.

From my own journey, I claimed my soul’s purpose of guiding others to come home to the artistry, beauty and joy within them and around them.

I uncovered my artist “voice” a few years ago. I began working with Shiloh Sophia McCloud’s Intentional Creativity and Intuitive Painting method and am now certified in her Color of Woman Teacher Method. All of the paintings you see were painted in the first year of opening to intuitive painting. Before that, I kept my attempts at painting hidden.

This was my first Color of Woman painting and it was magical to be able to create her:

Divine Spark of Creativity by Havi Mandell

I wholeheartedly love to paint now. I love how it has transformed my life. I love how it brings Beauty alive.

I know I am a life artist, and know I can help anyone who is ready do the same.

My art moves me into a place of spiritual connection and receptivity; opening to the deep inner heart wisdom and symbolic worlds that source all healing, all transformation, all connection to the beauty of Spirit’s artistry. I listen to my muse and a painting full of life is born.

I never cease to be amazed at what emerges magically and with such truth and power from my paintings. A new life comes into form speaking with a mythic wisdom and passion that feels so much greater than what I could have consciously chosen to express.

Art is not a special corner of my life. Art is my life and my life is art.

Sound good? Great! Let’s roll up our sleeves and invite the masterpiece that is your life in.

The flow of Havi’s gentle spirit is evident in her art and creative process. Havi encourages herself and others to live lives of beauty and purpose. She offers safe space for personal process, allowing each to discover their own unfolding.
~Kelly Morrison, Creative Life Mentor, WA

Using shamanic and intuitive healing practices and psychotherapeutic skills, blocks are cleared, you embody your true, wild and wonderful self, and are free to connect with your power, gifts and possibilities in new ways. I became a shamanic therapist because of my love of the wisdom, beauty, and sanctuary of nature and connecting to and healing with the energies of life consciously and powerfully as they live within and around me. Shamanism powerfully brings me home to my empowered, embodied essential self and feeds my need to leave this world better than when I entered it.

I offer you a multidimensional toy chest for awakening, artfully expressing, and joyfully living your Soul’s Essence:
  • Ancient and cutting edge energy work to free the flow of joy and passion in your body and energy field.
  • Spiritual guidance and initiations to move you into powerful connection with and expression of your God/Goddess within
  • Shamanic healing and counseling to empower you to embody your essential wild and natural self.
  • Creativity coaching to claim your creative potential, dare to matter, and create specific strategies to manifest your creative dreams.
  • HeARTful play to create space for your soul’s light, joy, and purpose to take flight through play.
  • Intentional creativity and intuitive painting, movement and writing to fully claim and express the artist you are.

You have helped me tremendously! I’ve been expressing myself with watercolor and ink in my journal. I was thinking about taking a weekend away. While thinking about where to go, I realized that the best place I’ve been is to your office! Or where I’ve been while in your office.  You provide wonderful vacations with surprise guests! Beautiful feelings come upon me.
~Heidi Keesling, artist

Come play, come create, come home to the treasure and artist you are.