The Grateful Harvest and Heartfest: A Creative Cornucopia


This is the season of the harvest where we gratefully gather and enjoy the fruits that we planted, experiencing the sweetness and bounty in our lives. This weekend painting retreat is a many-layered intentional creativity process to:

  • acknowledge and celebrate those seeds that have brought fruit,
  • release with grace those that did not,
  • fully experience all we are grateful for on all levels of mind, body, emotion, spirit, creativity and relationships over this past year,
  • Create a powerful energetic container, a creative cornucopia for blessings reaped and those new seeds that we will bring into a new year
  • Infuse the process with love and that our Harvest may be a Heartfest

All painting materials provided. Please bring “paint clothes”, an item for the Cornucopia Altar, and lunch. There will be munchies, water, tea, chocolate and a little surprise….

La Reve

La Reve

October 22-23 (Saturday and Sunday), 10 a.m.-6 p.m at City of the World Gallery, 1229 S. Casino Center, Las Vegas 89104.  Cost: $220. Preregistration and payment required by October 14, 2016. If you have questions, contact Havi at

Creative Cornucopia: $220.00