HARMONY: Painting a Vision of Sacred Stance and Action

September 9-10, 2017

Lifting Into Oneness

It is the artists of the world that bring into being a vision of what is possible, a reality beyond the “normal” way of seeing, a truth seeking form. Art is an activism that holds up a Sacred Mirror, that reaches into the deepest and most beautiful places in our hearts and calls us to action.

Right now, it is easy to feel overwhelmed by all that is going on — the violence, the hatred, the fear, the divisiveness. I am certainly feeling that.

I am creating this retreat for my soul’s peace and clarity as well as yours.  I don’t want to face all of this alone and I know the power of creative, loving beings gathering to intentionally create a vision of the world we will each, in our own way according to our own path, create. It is important to gather in support and as sacred mirrors to empower each of us individually and communally to create a new vision of HARMONY and give it form and life.

This retreat will not magically change the world in an instant.  But there is a magic to intentional creativity, especially when loving souls gather.

It will empower each of us to claim and paint our individual vision for the world we desire and our willingness to work toward creating supported by community.

It will weave a communal vision from each of our wise visionary hearts and give that vision intent, energy and clarity.

And that is what makes magic happen – ripple by ripple, vision by vision, brushstroke by brushstroke, heart by heart.

I choose the word HARMONY because, for me, harmony weaves in all the beauty of diversity into a whole that honors each part and creates a magnificence beyond what each element alone could create. Water and Fire can harmonize into a rainbow rather than destroy each other.

Join me to create and energize your vision for a world in HARMONY

Join me on Saturday, September 9- Sunday, September 10, 10-4 for a weekend of visioning, painting and energizing the power of HARMONY in community.

All materials provided. Please bring snacks, water, painting clothes and your Visionary Heart.


At Growthspring: Healing & Creative Arts

Art Square Bldg, 1025 S. 1st Street, Suite, 140, Las Vegas, NV 89101