Revealing Beauty: An Intentionally Creative Journey into the Heart of Beauty and Inspired Action

June 10-11, 2017

Sanctuary, Havi Mandell (c) 2015

 “Finding beauty in a broken world becomes more than the art of assemblage. It is the work of daring contemplation that inspires action.” Lily Yeh

“Stop now, and look upon one another.

Look upon all that God has created.

Look deep and hard and long at Beauty.

Drink her into your very being.

Claim her as your possession.

Hold what you see in your hearts.”

~Caron McCloud, from “Long Have We Gazed Upon                                                                                                                                              Beauty”

Beauty is always present, though sometimes it may seem hard to find when the world feels filled with difficult unknowns, when we have places that have been cracked open on our journey. As Leonard Cohen told us, those cracks let the Light in. And those cracks let the Beauty in, let us shape form out of  essence to hold and express the essential Beauty we are.

I invite you to a yummy, creative painting re-TREAT to, with intentional creativity and mixed media, uncover the Beauty we are and our world can be, not just beyond the field of brokenness, but finding the magnificent mosaic of Sacred Shards that create a new field from the compost of our brokenness, a new story that cracks open a endless wave of Beauty. From that field of Beauty, we can vision for and step into our inspired action to plant seeds of Beauty.

We will paint through layers of story, adding meaningful mosaic elements from several sources, the mosaic of gathering pieces of brokenness into magnificent beauty. The result will be an enlivened icon, a sacred place and vision to honor the Beauty we are and our devotion for inspired action to shine Beauty in the world.

Will you be a Beauty Walker in the World?

Join me on Saturday, June 11- Sunday, June 12, 10-4 for a weekend of Sourcing Our Beauty, Claiming Our Inspired Action and  Creating Your Part in an Enlivened Field of Beauty for the World.

All materials provided. Please bring snacks, water, painting clothes and a heart full of Beauty.


At Growthspring: Healing & Creative Arts

Art Square Bldg, 1025 S. 1st Street, Suite, 140, Las Vegas, NV 89101


Revealing  Beauty $180